COMING SOON!! Make it like MMW

COMING SOON!! Make it like MMW

We are pleased to announce that we will be offering some of our favorite tools and supplies here at !!!

Quality tools and materials simplify every step of the process, whether you're sketching out your initial idea, pouring your first casting, or carefully applying the finishing coat. Through our years of creating and crafting we have used so many different iterations of so many different bits of equipment. Brushes, buckets, knives, aprons, sponges... you name it, we've broken, researched, and replaced it!

So, don't be like us; use your time to make your passion! Benefit from our trial and error instead of spending hours finding the name of that oddball tool or being let down by low quality materials. Let us be your guide so you can focus on only what you want to: your project.




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