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Large Round Self Watering / African Violet Pot

Large Round Self Watering / African Violet Pot

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Our must-have item right now is self watering violet pots. They are gorgeous and make plant care SO easy! It's like the epitome of convenience, taking the guesswork out of watering frequency and amount.

Self watering pots are ideal for many plants: ferns, Venus flytrap, pothos, monstera, snake plants, African violets, Maranta, Hostas, peace lilies...

Self watering pots are not new. They have been around a long time, the clay version anyway. There is a reason they are a classic design with superior results. Earthenware clay is porous, so when it comes into contact with water it is absorbed.  Here is the really cool part, when the plant’s roots draw up moisture from the soil, the soil becomes drier, which creates tension, which pulls more water through the ceramic into the soil to keep your plant hydrated for days. Maybe even weeks!

 It has a unique durable glaze finish. Its two piece design has a water permeable, partially unfinished ceramic insert, providing constant moisture directly to the soil and roots. The base holds enough water to keep your beloved plant hydrated for a week+ (depending on climate).

This item is pre-made and READY TO SHIP.


The insert planting area is 4 inch wide, 5 inches deep and rests comfortably in the base. The base is approximately 6.5 inches wide. The entire assembly is about 6 inches tall.

Approximate dimensions: 6 inches tall x 6.5 inches wide, plant insert opening is 4 inches wide.

Approximate weight: 1 lb


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Sandra Holt

This a beautiful africian violet pot. The seller is wonderful to work with and shipping was fast. Wonderful order from this vompany again