Mudroom Studio Workwear is HERE!

Mudroom Studio Workwear is HERE!

After several sample orders and countless time designing, Mudroom Studio Workwear is finally here!

In 2019 the restaurant I was working at rebranded, changing its' name and, with it, the uniform tees. Annoyed, but on board, I went ahead and bought up all the shirts I should need for the next year of dirty dishes and perfectly greasy hashbrowns. Change was on the horizon though, and soon those custom printed t-shirts would be in for a totally different challenge...

Its tough working in the Mudroom! Everything is heavy, and usually its hot too. There's stretching, crouching, and twisting aplenty, and all that leads to... moistness. That's not to mention all of adhesives, solutions, waxes, and, most obviously: mud, that is omnipresent in the Mudroom Studio!

But, from early '20 through to the beginning of '23 those custom printed Bella&Canvas tees I had grudgingly replaced served me better than I could have expected! With no particular thought toward longevity, I wore those shirts in the muckiest, roughest, and sweatiest days of setting up the Mudroom. I wore them on average production days. I wore them on yard work and barbecue days and those shirts just kept not wearing out!

Finally, this year it happened: Sharie and I both were tired of seeing these same old shirts day in and out! So we did what we usually do and got designing! Some trials with software and a couple adventures in print on demand providers later we have our very own Mountain Mudworks - Mudroom Studio Workwear shirts and apparel ready for purchase right here at!

We wear these shirts day after day in our normal production cycles. Between the daily rigors of the studio, our adventurous tendencies, and the Sisyphean effort of washing and drying you'd think they would become threadbare in no time. Fortunately though, these premium tees just get better with age!

Show your support for our hand built brand and our cute art by wearing one of our MMW designed hoodies, t-shirts, or totes today!

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