Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions we get, answered.


Do I need to drill a hole in the watering spike?

 There's no need to alter anything, everything is good to go out of the box. Unfinished ceramic is porous, so water is able to pass through it. When you receive your Watering Spike all you need to do is gently put it into your plant's soil and fill it with water. Our design is more convenient than those glass bulbs because it does not have to be removed from the soil to refill it, so you are less likely to damage roots and it is super easy to fill while you are watering. 



How to use Ceramic Watering Spikes by Mountain Mudworks


Will this Replace regular watering?

Not quite. Watering Spikes do not replace the general need to water most plants, it is an aid to help high-maintenance plants stay well hydrated between waterings. Also they are great for anytime you're away for a few days and would miss a regular watering! 

How many days will watering spikes hold water?

Generally, water passes through slowly and will be used up in about a week. Though, this can be a tougher question than you might expect! A lot of factors can change the length of time it takes water to pass through the spike: from the thickness of the ceramic to ambient temperatures and sun exposure. We do our best to be consistent with regards to thickness but a thinner spike will allow water to pass through more quickly. Higher ambient temperatures and lower humidity levels will also make the reservoir empty more quickly. Indoors, these stay hydrated for a longer period too, as the sun may cause some of the water to evaporate from the fill spout.  Moisture levels in the soil can also affect fill up intervals, counterintuitively, more moisture in the soil saps water through the spike faster than dryer soil!

My watering spike still seems full after a couple of days, is it not working?

If your spike is not transferring water, it's possible that it needs to be primed to get everything moving. To do this, you'll need to take at least one of the following:

Submerge the entire plant tender in water for at least 5 minutes.

Add moisture to the soil right around where the spike is 'planted' in the soil.

Alternatively, if the soil is too wet, it may prevent water from passing through. Allow the soil to dry out some before refilling.


If one of these solutions seem to help, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Are there any special care instructions for my new watering spike?

These plant tenders are pretty durable, but there are a couple things to watch out for. If you are using these outdoors be sure to keep them from freezing, especially if there's still any water inside. Avoid using fertilized water when filling up your watering spike, some fertilizers can clog the pores of the spike, and others might allow harmful bacteria to develop. Also, they are allergic to falling.

I have something special in mind, can you make me a custom item?

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We love to create a unique and meaningful items! We can accommodate most custom color requests, but changing the sculpt is much trickier, it may or may not be possible. Contact us to chat about what you want and we will let you know if we can bring your creation to life!

A custom product usually takes 3-6 weeks to create and be ready for shipment. We charge a fee for custom order fee, it's usually $5, but could be more based on the complexity of the request. 

An item I want is out of stock, will it come back?

Almost certainly! We fire our kiln just as often as we can fill it, and do our best to keep a rotation so everything gets restocked. You can always contact us and we will do our best to get it made quickly. 

I see you're Colorado based, can I buy these locally?

In Colorado Springs, there are several shops you could check out! Phelan Gardens, The Living Room, Rick's Garden Center, and Summerland Gardens stock our products with more locations to come!

Do you ship internationally?

All international orders will be processed through our Etsy shop. If you have found something here that is not listed there, just contact us and we will make it available to you through Etsy.