About Us

 Who We Are 

Shop Owners Sharie Dodge & Logan Meyer


Meet the dynamic duo behind Mountain Mudworks, Logan and Sharie. Alabama boy, Colorado girl; lots of adventures. If we aren't playing with mud, we are probably in the mountains.


-  How it Began  -

In 2018, we set out to get some new, larger planters for our ever-growing houseplant collection. After a trip to the garden store, we found the selection to be uninspired. So, we did what we often do, and decided to find a way to create what we wanted ourselves. We called on the help of a seasoned craftsman and all-around excellent human; a man who we are fortunate to call uncle, enter: Lex.

Lex has been many things in his life: engineer, teacher, welder, member of the armed forces, ceramicist, and an inspiring mentor. He made available his dynamic ceramic studio, along with his knowledge and skills. We began by learning the basics of how it's made.

Experiencing the WHOLE process gave us a real appreciation for the patience and skill involved in getting from a "want" to a finished product. Sometimes it seemed like a miracle for a piece to make it through the entire process successfully; there are just so many opportunities to fail.

Slowly, but surely we began to get the hang of it. Plant Tenders, aka Watering Spikes were a great way for us to learn and practice the creation process; small, functional and fun. Once all of our plants had a new friend we decided to share our hobby products online through Etsy. It was thrilling to see our functional art attract the interest of other plant lovers! Over the course of a year, demand increased, and our hobby grew into a business. Since then, we've gained a lot of experience and have focused on what makes an effective watering spike. To make the best possible watering aides, we have learned to create our own playful molds to make distinctive watering spikes and planters. 

By the end of 2021 we started to transform our garage into a pottery studio, and in April of 2022 our studio, aka 'The Mudroom' was up and running! We are working to provide unique and original designs. As our skills and knowledge grow, so does the quality and consistency of our products, as well as our ability to contribute to the mold making, slip casting and art communities. We are excited to continue to share our creativity and expand our product line as well as represent the materials, tools, and brands that have been our benchmarks for quality along the way.

The other member of our incredible team is Willow! A super cool dog that is always excited to venture outside. She has summited numerous mountains, thru hiked the Colorado Trail and is one smart cookie. We are happy to have her supervise our operations as our honorary shop dog. 


As our business continues to grow we are committed to prioritizing sustainability and minimizing our carbon footprint.  


Thank you for checking out our little shop!!