Our Mission

People & Planet over Profit

We want to live in a world where altruism is the social norm. We care about the quality of life and happiness of others and are committed to protecting the environment we all share.

Eco-Friendly Products

      ◦ Our products are lead free, non-toxic and food safe

      ◦ We strive to minimize waste 

      ◦ All items are handmade by us, when you buy from us you are supporting small business

      ◦ We create high quality products that last for years, which is great for consumers and the planet.

Small Carbon Footprint

      ◦ We frequently reuse packing materials

      ◦ When we buy packing supplies it is recycled, recyclable and/or biodegradable

      ◦ We are a bicycle friendly business

      ◦ We prioritize supporting local


      ◦ Our goal is to make a positive impact. We are invested in renewable energy and sustainable products.


We couldn't operate without a strong supportive community. That's why we are committed to giving back. Every year we give at least 1% of our profits to support non-profits that are making the world a better place. We proudly support: 350.orgHonnold FoundationTrails and Open Space Coalition