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Medium Round Self Watering / African Violet Pot

Medium Round Self Watering / African Violet Pot

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This medium self watering pot is perfect for moisture loving plants like African Violets. It's a fantastic two piece design, the outside has a durable glaze finish, the insert has a water permeable surface, providing constant moisture to the soil and roots. The base holds enough water to keep your beloved plant hydrated for about a week+ (depending on climate). This item is pre-made and READY TO SHIP.  Handmade in Colorado. We have a verity of unique finishes. Other sizes available: Large and small. 


Approximate dimensions: 4.5 inches tall x 5.5 inches wide, plant insert opening is 3 inches wide.

Approximate weight: 14.5 oz

The insert has a 3 inch wide planting area that is 4 inches deep and rests comfortably in the base. The base is approximately 5.5 inches wide. The entire assembly is about 4.5 inches tall.

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Customer Reviews

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Jeanne Watson
Love this

Really happy with purchase. Pot is exactly the small size I wanted!

Experimental Grafter & Grower
Carefully Crafted

I learned the value of keeping violets in double pots years ago and have used them from a variety of sources. This is the most delicately & finely made double pot (medium size, teal over glaze) I have so far encountered. The lightly tapered inner pot ensures adequate penetration of water through the unglazed surfaces while offering room for deep roots. As soon as a leaf start roots & creates a crown, it has a home.