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Unicorn Watering Spike

Unicorn Watering Spike

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Enjoy healthier plants and simplify your plant care routine with a whimsical watering spike. Fantastic gift for plant lovers! Great for when you go on vacation for a few days. Give your thirsty drama queen plants some extra hydration between waterings or use it to prevent over-watering. Super fun colors, we even offer a unique gold leaf finish. 

The clay spike allows water to move through its pores into the soil, providing slow consistent hydration.  Suction is created around the spike through soil moisture tension, which pulls water faster when the soil is drier. On the flip side, if the soil is exceptionally wet, the water remains within the spike reservoir until the soil dries again and water is needed. Antient technology, modern style.

Approximate dimensions: 6.5 inches tall (including 2.5 inch spike) x 4.5 inches wide x 1.5 inches deep


Easy to Use

Watering spikes help keep your plant happy & healthy by slowly diffusing water through its pores, providing hydration for days! Simply insert the spike in the soil near the base of the plant and fill with water. These little plant tenders help take the stress out of plant care, use it to provide extra hydration or prevent over watering.


Hand Made

Made exclusively in our Mudroom studio, every item is handcrafted, painted, and glazed by our two-person team. Slight variations exist, but we try to keep our photos updated so you should have a good idea of what to expect.



We mix our own clay, so we know it is lead free and only use non-toxic, food safe glazes on our products. Our quality products are made to last for years! And, we use recyclable packing materials as much as possible, but we also reuse some supplies we receive such as packing peanuts and air bubbles.


Fast Shipping

Unless otherwise stated, items will ship in 1-3 days. Everything listed is finished and ready to ship, we just need a day or two to get it packed up.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Joanne Peterson-Falcone
Love these spikes!

Practical, adorable, sturdy, fab colors. I've had other designs in all of my older plants. A while back my husband received a custom planter that is the bomb!! Customer service is excellent. Packaging very protective. Love everything about Mountain Mudworks.

Unicorn Cuteness!

I picked up the unicorn water spike the minute I first saw it! It was so cute and the spikes are so useful in lowing watering maintenance! I picked up a specialty plant (vanilla bean) and this vine needed something to showcase how beautiful it is and came the unicorn! Together the unicorn made my plant everything I wished for! It is the cutest plant set up ever!